Conversations with Lily


I was helping Lily get dressed the other morning when out of the blue she exclaimed, “I want tater tots!”
“Tater Tots?” I asked.
“Tater tots!” she exclaimed again.
“We don’ t have tater tots. We never have tater tots. And why are you asking for tater tots at 6 in the morning?” I responded.
Lily replied “Batgirl. Batgirl tater tots.”
And then it all made sense.
She wasn’t asking for tater tots.
She was asking for her Batgirl tank top.
So, that is what she wore.

A few days ago I told Lily she was beautiful. She said “no, I’m fabulous.” 
Indeed, she is. 

I like to ask Lily what she wants to do on days that we are home together. Her answers vary from go eat pancakes or bagels to go to Home Depot.
The other day I asked and her response was “I want to go in a rocket ship to outer space. See the moon! Wanna go with me? And daddy, too. Mommy, you want to ride a rocket ship?”
Sure, why not.


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