Sleepover with Papaw

Lily had her first overnight trip sans parents and I am happy to report that it went great! Part of me wonders why we waited this long to send her to the grandparents! Really though, it was time. Here in a few weeks, I will be going on a trip that will require me to spend a few days and nights away from Lily. I didn’t want her first time away from me (and me away from her) to be for so long and with me so far away. So, off to Papaw’s she went! 
Lily had a fantastic time with Papaw and She-She. 
I had a fantastic time, too. I’m not going to lie, I really enjoyed that time away from Lily. I enjoyed eating hot meals and being able to take my time and enjoy the food. I enjoyed being able to have a few drinks and not feel like I was being irresponsible. It was nice to not have to constantly keep up with the time since we weren’t on a schedule. I also thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in and then falling back to sleep for another hour or so. Generally, I just enjoyed the feeling that for twenty-four hours I was not responsible for another person. I knew that Lily was safe and best of all having fun with people that love her. And it was also nice to spend some time with Mitch. I often forget that we had a life before Lily, that it was just him and me for almost seven years before Lily came along. Except for the occasional lunch date, we rarely get to spend time alone without Lily. It was nice for us to be able to hang out and have conversations that weren’t all about Lily! As much fun as I had, I sure did miss Lily like crazy! So yeah, it was time well needed and deserved for all of us and we all survived!  


  1. I love this so much. You should make a plan to do this at least every other month. Ryan and I really reconnect when the boys are away for a couple of days. It’s SO different, being able to take things slow if you want. Or be impulsive and do something quick. Go somewhere on a moment’s notice. You NEED that and I’m glad you got a taste…hope you will do it a lot more!

  2. Thanks, Candice. That is a great idea to plan doing something like this at least every other month. It was refreshing and I know Lily had a blast, so it is a win-win for all of us!

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