Facebook's Create to Convert Event Series

2017 Event Series


This small scale executive event brought together creative marketing executives to learn Facebook’s new solutions. We helped marketers pioneer new, engaging ways to simultaneously build brands and drive sales. Create content To Convert to sales.

Format: Presentations followed by reception

Cities: Toronto & Vancouver

Size: 100

Lisa's Expertise and Responsibilities: 

  • Venue management and logistics

  • Strategic theming and concepts

  • Creative menu planning

  • Giveaway management


  • 99% of attendees considered the content relevant and informative as reported by post event survey

  • 95% of attendees would use Facebook's new advertising tools as reported by post event survey

  • Increase in sales and new clients immediately following events


Event Details

Venue Management and Logistics

Facebook’s event required a raw space that could be transformed to their brand standards. While venue sourcing, I found spaces that could be altered to suit their needs and expectations.  Working with the Vancouver Convention Centre and 99 Sudbury Toronto, I used floorplans and site visits to optimize event space and flow and keep the consistent high standards for both cities. I worked with the venues on all logistics including furniture, decor, and staging. I also liaised with outside vendors to meet the facility standards and Facebook’s needs.

Strategic Theming and Concepts

For this event, we needed to execute a concept that educated and excited attendees regarding new uses of mobile technologies in growing sales for the coming year. Using Facebook’s brand guidelines, I brainstormed many concepts and created an event that maximized creative aspects while keeping a sleek and professional presentation. I showed attention to detail by making sure the creative design and strategy was executed on all aspects of the event from web development, communications, staging, and onsite graphics. This created an event that was innovative and industry leading.

Creative Menu Planning

The brief included ensuring attendees were “surprised and delighted” with the various elements of the event, particularly the great catering. Working with caterers to create original and fresh menus, I saved $5 per person. I monitored attendee registration to confirm F&B numbers. Attendees were very satisfied with the food and beverage service.

Giveaway Management

After working within the event concept, I sourced and ordered must have giveaways for this event. The giveaway created a buzz with customers lining up, clamouring to find out what was inside! The drone also acted as an additional photo moment increasing social media activity and amplification.


Created by Lisa Henry

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