Desire 2 Learn's Fusion 2016- Registration Management

Smooth Customer Experience


A conference of over 1,500 attendees from over 30 countries, Fusion brought together educators from around the world to learn about online education solutions. Clients and prospects attend 3 packed days at the Marriott Marquis in Washington, DC of learning the latest innovations in education and technology. With the biggest registration to date, I confronted the challenge of the sheer volume and requirements to execute a great conference. 

Lisa's Expertise and Responsibilities: 

  • Software & Tech

  • On Site Management

  • Data Management

  • People Management

  • Hotel & Travel Management

  • ROI


  • Under 1 minute onsite check-in process

  • Successfully managed employees: “Lisa approaches even the most complex situations with grace and an open mind, ultimately encouraging success in her team and across all programs.”- Nicole Dal Ferro

  • Exceeded revenue targets and weighted pipeline objectives




Software & Tech

For Fusion 2016, I developed tech and software solutions from start to finish with:

  • Full cloud based registration platform with attendee details, hotel booking, travel booking, schedule building, and payment.

  • Registration platform seamlessly connected to conference website

  • Developed a conference mobile app connected to registration platform 

  • Scanner technology used to track attendance and provide real time reporting for clients

  • Used internal payment gateway for online secure e-commerce payment option

  • Mastered software for API Integration with the client’s CRM platform

  • Clear and succinct communication with attendees through email programs and social media


On Site Management

On-site I produced an engaging registration experience to commence the event experience by creating an unforgettable first impression for attendees. Arriving early for set-up, I ensured all hardware requirements were met. Using on-demand printing, I designed name badges that were fun and communicated pertinent information. With a seamless check-in process, I ensured attendees were well informed and equipped with all the information they needed for a first-rate conference experience.


Data Management

Using data management throughout the event life cycle, Desire 2 Learn was provided with automated weekly reports and analyzed registration data. Using year over year data, I was able to provide Desire 2 Learn with insights and analytics for key messaging and content. I organized mass amounts of data (6000+ lines of code) into easy to understand graphs and charts in Microsoft Suite. Data management was used throughout the event to provide attendees with a more personalized experience. An example of how we utilized the data, was to incorporate coloured lanyards to identify different types of educators to easily distinguish tracks onsite.

Fusion Registration1.PNG

People Management

Creating a separate registration project plan, I guided and mentored my employees while providing hands on support. My aptitude for managing the registration department was best illustrated through the client requesting I train their employees for the event. For Fusion registration, we used Desire 2 Learn staff to check in guests. Prior to arrival in the United States, I did a full day training with employees in their office to introduce them to the software and on-site process. Having internal employees perform registration added a personalized touch to greeting clients.


Hotel & Travel Management

With a long standing relationship with the Marriott chain, I initiated the contract negotiation process for the client. I ensured the correct attrition clause, maximized concessions and other clauses to augment benefits for Desire 2 Learn. For this program, I managed a room block of over 3,000 room nights and provided easy hotel booking through the registration platform. 
Travel management required flying over 150 employees to the event from across Canada and the United States. I sourced and contracted a travel agency and implemented an approval system on flights and costs. I sourced a transportation company for airport transfers to the hotel and ensured smooth transfer of employees.

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 2.01.27 PM.png


Using survey deployment after the event, we proved Fusion 2016 was successful in increasing sales leads and securing prospects. By building a survey linked to our registration platform, we were able to monitor client satisfaction and identify new revenue streams for prospects. Fusion 2016 was the first year using post event survey deployment which supported the internal event team's presentation to executives on the success of the event.